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To inspire, innovate and promote the common good through sports: this is the mission of C.A. Tubarão, the first startup club in Brazil.

Clube Atlético Tubarão was founded in 2005 and bears the colors and name of the city of Tubarão in its symbol and uniform. Located in the south of Santa Catarina, the Club has always honored Tubarão and its region in all competitions it participates.


In 2015, CA Tubarão has forged a partnership with K2 Soccer SA, with the ultimate objective of modernizing various points along the soccer industry value chain.


Due to its innovative scope and the business model, K2 SOCCER S/A signed a partnership with the University of Southern Santa Catarina (Unisul), through which K2 opened an Office on Unisul’s on campus incubator in Tubarão, transforming the club into a de facto startup soccer club.





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Corporate Social Responsibility

Inclusion through education.

Sustainable Development Goals
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SDG Highlight

CA Tubarão believes in the transformative power of his important role in forming true citizens. Therefore, the Club encourages young people who wish to become professional players never drop out of school -- unfortunately a very common picture.


In addition to the personal development gap, frustrated attempts on a professional athlete career leave many young people without a second career choice.


To change this reality, it is necessary to give an alternative to these young people besides football, which is why CA Tubarão seeks, through partnerships, to ensure that its athletes have access to formal education, becoming better people on and off the pitch.

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