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Elm City is following the lead of its sister club CA Tubarão and is creating a university cooperation network, whereby the club will forge ties with multiple universities in the area.

Elm City Express, established in 2016, is a professional soccer team affiliated with the US Soccer Federation and located in the city of New Haven, Connecticut in the US. Elm City will

play its home matches at Yale University Reese Stadium.


Founded by K2 Soccer SA and its affiliate K2 Soccer North America LLC, one of Elm City’s objectives is to explore avenues for cooperation between the Brazilian and US Soccer Markets.





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2017 - NPSL National Champion


Corporate Social Responsibility

Community support network.

Sustainable Development Goals
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The mere possibility of having a professional football club was enough to engage the entire city of New Haven. Therefore, since its foundation, giving back to the community has always been the priority.


In addition to carrying the City's nickname as an ode, the Express promotes partnerships with local volunteering institutions, ranging from food distribution to scholarships for underprivileged youth -- mostly refugees and immigrants.

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