espaço baltoro

Retail | Bar and Premium Tobacco Shop

A place co-created by luxury hospitality designers and cigar aficionados, where bar and tobacco shop come together to deliver a unique entertainment experience.

Meet Espaço Baltoro.

The concept is based on curating each of the elements of this experience:

  • Assortment of accessories and premium cigars made by experienced epicure sommeliers;

  • Premium drinks menu, with signature drinks harmonized with partner gastronomy services;

  • Cultural events and exclusive broadcasting of sporting events.






Espaço Baltoro Curitiba - Pátio Batel
Av. do Batel, 1868 - Curitiba | PR
Shopping Batel, Piso L3
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Espaço Baltoro Porto Alegre - Pátio 24
R. 24 de Outubro, 1454 - Porto Alegre | RS


Corporate Social Responsibility

Reduced use plastic and disposable utensils.

Sustainable Development Goals
| Engagement
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SDG Highlight

Espaço Baltoro does not use disposable plastic utensils and silverware in its operation, as has also abolished the use of traditional plastic straws, opting for the use of biodegradable straws -- a significant reduction of waste for any food services operation.

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