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Humphrey creates omnichannel strategies for curating the epicurean experience.

Transforming the epicurean experience with the curated distribution of premium cigars and accessories, the creation of events, and qualification of service providers and cigar aficionados: this is Humphrey's mission.


This transformation is done with an omnichannel philosophy, that is, with simultaneous strategies for integrating digital and physical channels.






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Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible consumption in every aspect of the epicurean experience.

Sustainable Development Goals
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SDG Highlights

Habanos S.A., the state-owned Cuban cigar production company, estimates that 70% of cigars sold in Brazil come from counterfeiting or smuggling – approximately 1.5 million units sold annually. These numbers are devastating for the Central American economies, which have the cigar and tobacco industry as one of the main job creators.


In addition to the economic impact, the health impact to consumers is also noteworthy: fake cigars tested worldwide have alarmingly high rates of bacterial and virus contamination.


Humphrey joins the world's leading suppliers in awareness-raising programs about the importance of consuming original tobacco products.

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