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A platform to find, launch and fund the future.

Founded in Curitiba, Brazil, by a global team, Jupter was born with the mission of offering entrepreneurs, investors and corporations a complete ecosystem tool for ideas to be originated and transformed into successful businesses.

In addition to building an omnichannel platform for interacting with the startup ecosystem, Jupter has also developed its TechSpace -- a physical space with events, incubation, development and co-working --, it mentoring and acceleration programs, and its own investment vehicles.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Innovation and inclusion.

Sustainable Development Goals
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In addition to the interaction between entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem investors, Jupter promotes and incubates companies with social and environmental impact, as well and supports causes such as Code for Curitiba, the local branch of the Code for All global program, which promotes the inclusion of underprivileged kids by teaching programming and software development.

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