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Bringing manufacturers, buyers and sellers together, facilitating transaction generation and maximizing results.

A company in the commerce cloud segment, Klimb creates B2B e-commerce and marketplace solutions for any market or industry. With flexible and adaptable technology, the platform is highly customizable, thus meeting the peculiarities of each segment.


Formed by an experienced team in digital integration, Klimb combines, in a single tool, manufacturers, their representatives and retailers.








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Corporate Social Responsibility

Innovation to increase coverage and service level.

Sustainable Development Goals
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SDG Highlight

Sales force displacement and logistics are significant costs in a continental country such as Brazil. Proposing a culture change, Klimb's goal is to make the relationship between manufacturers, representatives and retailers more sustainable.


With a single platform, sales reps can reduce their sales territory, while raising their effectiveness; shopkeepers in remote areas can be serviced directly by manufacturers, who will better understand their demands, and improve logistics flows with suitable level and service coverage.

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