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Orma creates innovative greenhouse gas offset solutions on digital platforms.

Creating a carbon neutral experience for your favorite services and habits: this is Orma's mission. The startup has developed a real time emission inventory calculation system with two applications: Orma API and the orma.eco platform.


With Orma API, e-commerce platforms and applications can offer a carbon neutral experience in delivering products and services to their users.


With the orma.eco platform (scheduled for release in the second half of 2019), users can compensate for their climate impact by making their car, home, travel and even their routine carbon neutral.






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Taking climate back.

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SDG Highlight

Orma was created to bring meaningful and effective action against climate change. With the motto 'taking climate back', the startup is focused on making greenhouse gas offsetting increasingly accessible and convenient, as well as making consumers and partners aware of their impact and role in the pursuit of a low carbon economy.

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