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A Latin American gypsy brewery, without a leash.

That's Perro Libre's pitch, a craft brewery established in 2014, with a 'gypsy' model (with no exclusive or centralized production facility) that only produces 'live' beer (unpasteurized).​


In 2017, Perro Libre joins Baltoro Group, creating a new business vertical, with the launch of its first tap room, Perro Libre Moinhos, in the heart of Moinhos de Vento, a high-end district in Porto Alegre, Brazil.


Perro Libre (Free Dog, in Spanish) tap rooms have brought the essence of the brewery to the area of gastronomy and entertainment: a Latin American experience -- with music, drinks and typical cuisine from different regions of South America, such as Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, with a "no leash" philosophy, where customers have the freedom to pour their own beer on automated taps.







Perro Libre - Cervejaria
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Perro Libre Tap Room Moinhos - Porto Alegre
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Perro Libre Tap Room Pinheiros - São Paulo
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Carbon neutral and climate-friendly.

Sustainable Development Goals
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SDG Highlight

In partnership with Orma, Baltoro Group's climate change tech company, Perro Libre tap rooms have their carbon emissions offset. In addition to the becoming carbon neutral, awareness-raising events are held and a special line of beers has a percentage of its revenue donated to support social and environmental projects.

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