sustainable development


17 goals to transform our planet.

In 2015, the United Nations (UN) brought together civil society and global leaders to structure an action plan aimed at eradicating poverty, fighting inequalities, defending human rights and promoting sustainable development to protect our planet by delivering concrete results by 2030.


From this meeting came the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be adopted and put into action by all of us - governments, international institutions and organizations, the business sector and individuals.


Baltoro Group believes that striving for these goals must be part of everyone's purpose, so we have included the SDGs as key drivers in our business strategy.


To learn more about the SDGs contemplated by our companies, check their profiles here.

To learn more about the SDGs, please access the United Nations website.


Our Manifesto

We build ventures.

For us, ventures are not only companies.

Ventures are all opportunities explored to connect companies and people to make their purpose heard.


We build innovative ventures.

For us, innovating is not simply doing something new.

We believe that innovating is doing something new that delivers value and a new dimension of performance, so that companies and people are getting closer and closer to achieving their purposes.


We build ventures with exceptional purpose and return.

For us, return is all the positive impact generated in achieving the purpose of a business, for the companies and people involved in it.


We build ventures in industries marked by inefficiencies, asymmetries and distortions.

Inefficiencies arise at the time when the operation of a business does not include the purpose of the companies and people involved in it;

Asymmetries arise when a business imposes order of priority between the purpose of a company and the purpose of the people involved in it;

Distortions arise when the result of a business does not contemplate neither the purpose of the companies, nor from the people involved -- let alone their own.

For us, these three conditions create the best opportunities to innovate and realize our purpose.


We connect purposes.

Baltoro Group builds innovative ventures, with exceptional purpose and return, in sectors marked by inefficiencies, asymmetries and distortions.

Baltoro Group,

connecting purposes.

 Baltoro Group is a venture builder that connects purposes to create business with exceptional return and impact. 

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