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Baltoro Group has an inspiring team with over 200 people. Meet some of them:

Ung Z. Kim
Baltoro Group
Roberto Minuzzi
Board Member
Baltoro Group
Paulo Augusto Zanardi Jr.
Board Member
Baltoro Group
Renata Di Lascio
Board Member
Baltoro Group
Fernando Mallmann
Board Member
Baltoro Group
Francine Hakim Leal Franco
Board Member
Baltoro Institute
Bruno Junqueira
Soccer House
Juliana Paz
Engagement Manager
Baltoro Group
Ricardo Keller
Baltoro Group
Fernando Figur
Investor Relations Coordinator
Baltoro Group


Baltoro Group connects people, companies and communities, translating their purposes into innovative ventures.

We are a venture builder that does not look exclusively at industries or business models: we seek in the market those opportunities created by inefficiencies, information asymmetries and interests, and price distortions – the ideal scenario to innovate and impact everyone around us.



our history


K2 Capital is founded by Ung Z. Kim e Fabio Knijnik.


December, 2012 - K2 Soccer acquires the economic rights of the athlete Alex Telles, and complete his tranfer to Grêmio FBPA.


December, 2013 - Magazine Revista Placar names Alex Telles the best left back in the Brazilian League.


January, 2014 - Turkish giants Galatasaray sign Alex Telles for 6.4M EUR, and K2 Soccer celebrates a 1,500% return over investment.


September, 2015 - Baltoro Group joins C.A. Tubarão, creating C.A. Tubarão SPE, the first Brazilian football startup club.

​K2 Ventures launches Humphrey, Soccer House, Klimb and invests in Brazilian FinTech Asaas.


In 2016, C.A. Tubarão's Youth Academy is crowned Catarinense Series B Champions, both U-15 and U-17.​
December, 2016 - C.A. Tubarão's Professional Team earns the promotion to play Catarinense Championship Serie A is 2017.​
Baltoro Group invests in Perro Libre, a craft brewery founded in 2014, with an established distribution network spread over ten Brazilian states.


November, 2017 - Perro Libre opens in Porto Alegre its first tap room, Perro Libre Moinhos, with an innovative self-service model over automated taps.
December, 2017 - CAT becomes Santa Catarina Cup champions, qualifying to play the Brazilian Cup and Brazilian League Series D.
2017 - Baltoro's impact venture builder Emissario is established with the creation of Orma.
2017 - K2 Soccer founds Elm City Express in New Haven, CT, United States. The club is crowned NPSL National Champion in its debut season.
2017 - K2 Ventures invests in startup platform Jupter, and resumes the operations of K2 Real Estate.


July, 2018 - Perro Libre opens its second bar, Perro Libre Pinheiros, in São Paulo.
August, 2018 - Emissario takes over and relaunches the biodiversity sponsoring corporate platform, VBIO.
November, 2018 - Baltoro Group launches its institutional space at Curitiba's luxurious Patio Batel. Espaço Baltoro is born.
2018 - The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) confers C.A. Tubarão with its official Youth Academy Excellence Certification (CCF). 


July 2019 - Board Member Paulo Zanardi Jr. is appointed as the new CEO of Baltoro Group.
In September 2019, Baltoro Lounge inaugurated in Porto Alegre, Brazil.


CMO Fernando Mallmann is appointed as a Board Member.
Baltoro Group's holding companies are rebranded. 


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Learn more about how we got here and follow us while we continue to build our timeline.


 Baltoro Group is a venture builder that connects purposes to create business with exceptional return and impact. 

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