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K2 Soccer is a sports

market equity

investment firm.

Founded in 2013, K2 Soccer SA (Baltoro Soccer) brought our financial industry expertise to the soccer market by creating a diversified portfolio of assets, originated from high-performance athletes and sports organizations -- currently, with controlling shares of CA Tubarão in Santa Catarina, Brazil, and Elm City Express in New Haven, Connecticut.


Understanding football as a mean- and not an end-product gives Baltoro Soccer the ability to move people and generate social, cultural and educational changes, in addition to new business on and off the field.





Corporate Social Responsibility

Solid partnerships to generate maximum impact.

Sustainable Development Goals
| Engagement

SDG Highlight

Cooperation with public and private institutions has always been the basis of K2 Soccer's engagement with the communities surrounding its operations - especially in Tubarão and New Haven.


Noteworthy, the company has active partnerships with Unisul in Santa Catarina, Yale University and Orma, defending causes such as inclusion for education, fight against climate change and sustainability.


 Baltoro Group is a venture builder that connects purposes to create business with exceptional return and impact. 

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